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The Hudson-Mohawk Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America
serves New York's Mohawk/Hudson Valley. A bit of our history.

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MBCA HudMo 2019 Upcoming Events Calendar
(Previous 2019 events are archived here.)
  • Sat Dec. 7 - 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Holiday Party at: Treviso Restaurant by Mallozzi's
    at the Italian American Community Center,
    257 Washington Ave Ext, Albany NY 12205

    Due to the limited response, the Holiday Party at Treviso has been canceled.
    The Board looked forward to seeing you all. We are disappointed, but wish everyone and your families a Happy Holiday Season!

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Our Bylaws include: The purposes of the Section shall be: To promote the objects of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc.  To gather
together socially the enthusiasts of the Marque.  To participate in motor events with Mercedes-Benz automobiles within the Section.

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