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MBCA HudMo 2018 Upcoming Events Calendar
(Previous 2018 events are archived here.)
  • Sat. Sep. 22 - Starts 9:00 AM, with early evening dinner 2nd Annual Catskill Conquest Pilot Rally
    Commemorating the 1903 Automobile Endurance Run following the historic 1903 route over the Catskill Mountains to the Susquehanna River along a 75 mile course with six host/checkpoints, festivals and attractions. We travel from the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mount Tremper to Unadilla, following one of the most beautiful drives in New York State. The route follows the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway along the historic Ulster and Delaware Turnpike and then finishes along the Catskill and Susquehanna Turnpike. The road crests four hills over 2000 feet elevation along the way. Your car should have good brakes and good power to run the Catskill Conquest!
    As a MBCA-HudMo member, the entry fee is only $20 per car (non-refundable - rather than the individual car rate of $50)!
    Numerous corporate sponsors including Hagerty Insurance, who has offered free roadside and flatbed towing coverage for all entrants, so this is a great event to take your rarily driven classic Mercedes-Benz for a historic drive and to show your fellow club members!!
    More details are at the 1903AutoRun.com web site here. View the flier here, and print & mail to register.

  • Sat. Jun. 16 - 11:00 AM Rain or Shine Postponed until fall.
    FASNY Museum of Firefighting
    , Hudson NY

    Bring the children/grandchildren! There are several interactive and virtual displays for the youngsters, however this is not just an event geared to the young as most visitors are adults unaccompanied by children. If you visit their web site at FASNYFireMuseum.com, you will find a wealth of information about the museum. This event is organized by our Past President Ron Tanner.
    Here are our plans for the visit:
    - Meeting place: Golden Harvest Farm, Niverville NY (may also be listed as Kinderhook)
    - Caravan to Fire Museum at 117 Henry Howard Ave, Hudson NY 12534
    - One and half to two hour visit
    - Brunch in downtown Hudson at the Red Dot on Warren St. (weather permitting we will do brunch in the garden)
    - Child friendly activity and restaurant
    - Children under 3 must be accompanied by an adult
    Admission for adult is $10.00, children between ages of 4 and 17 is $5.00 (children 3 or younger can not participate in all youth activities)

  • Oct. 19-21 Fall Car Rally - Farberallye XLI (41st)
    The Discounted Room Block ENDS on September 19, so make your reservations now - don't pay a higher price or miss out on this always excellent event, our annual ride in the fall color!
    The Rally is a friendly competition where participating cars leave a starting point individually being directed to follow a specific route (respecting all Speed Limits, and representing our club well) to a predetermined finish point.... At which point everyone "Rallies". Everyone is encouraged to drive slowly since the rally will be a nice drive through the country, over scenic back roads while searching for answers to a number of questions along the way. Bring your camera! Each participating car should have at minimum of a driver and a navigator. Friends and family are welcome to participate, and 2 or 3 navigators have been known to make an even more fun adventure!
    This year's is Farberallye XLI, organized by the MBCA-Minuteman Section, is held on the weekend of October 19 at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock MA. Also at Jiminy Peak are Hiking trails, Alpine super slide, and The Mountain Coaster to name a few. Come early and enjoy the resort. This year's rallye is a tri section event with our Hudson-Mohawk Section, Northern New England Stars, and hosted by the Minuteman Section. They are happy to have our Hudson-Mohawk section joining this year and at future Farberallyes. There will be a time and distance rallye, and quiz rallye. Prizes will be awarded for both. Plan which rallye you would like to participate in.
    Friday's reception (6 PM-9 PM) is hosted by Mercedes Benz of Springfield, served Hors d'oeuvre, Carving station, and Jimminy Peak's Welcome Special. You don't want to miss the reception, so arrive in time for it.
    Saturday is the rallye and banquet.
    Sunday at 10 AM will be a guided tour of Hancock Shaker Village.
    Rallye fee $110 per person. Includes two full breakfast, Banquet meal, and rallye cost. The Buffet includes Hendricks Stuffed Chicken and Sliced Top Round Beef. Resort reservations can be made individually with the hotel reservations department on or before Sep 19 2018. In order to receive the contracted group rate, telephone callers must request their reservation be made in the MBCA Farberallye XLI room block. King bed rooms and Condos are available.
    View the flier and registration form.

  • Sat. Dec. 1 Holiday Party

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Our Bylaws include: The purposes of the Section shall be: To promote the objects of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc.
To gather together socially the enthusiasts of the Marque. To participate in motor events with Mercedes-Benz automobiles within the Section.

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