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The Hudson-Mohawk Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America
serves New York's Mohawk/Hudson Valley. A bit of our history.

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MBCA HudMo Contact information:
(Underlined names are links to send an email. The President will also be sent a copy.)
Board of Directors: PLEASE do NOT
call after 8:30 PM!
Mailing Address:
Kirk Daniels (3 yr. term exp. 2020) (518) 894-3879 (Schenectady NY 12204)
Lew Decker (3 yr. term exp. 2022) (518) 725-2965 98 Sixth Ave, Gloversville NY 12078
Bill Dufur (3 yr. term exp. 2021) (518) 477-7132 (Castleton NY 12033)
Vickie Parker (3 yr. term exp. 2022) (518) 456-3379 (Albany NY 12205)
Herb Sodher (3 yr. term exp. 2021) (518) 584-1878 (Saratoga Springs NY 12866)
George Moses (3 yr. term exp. 2020) (518) 736-2207 (Johnstown NY 12095)
Section Officers: PLEASE do NOT
call after 8:30 PM!
Mailing Address:
President (1 yr. term) James Wright (518) 439-3178 26 Crystal Ln, Delmar NY 12054
Vice President (1 yr. term) Saundra Griffin (518) 346-4797 (Niskayuna NY 12309)
Secretary (1 yr. term) Saundra Griffin (518) 346-4797 (Niskayuna NY 12309)
Treasurer (1 yr. term) Chuck Frigon (518) 798-4686 20 Sherwood Dr, Queensbury NY 12804
Other Officers: PLEASE do NOT
call after 8:30 PM!
Mailing Address:
Membership Chair. Saundra Griffin (518) 346-4797 (Niskayuna NY 12309)
Newsletter Editor Vickie Parker (518) 456-3379 (Albany NY 12205)
Past President Ron Tanner (518) 822-1664 24 Pleasantview Dr, Hudson NY 12534
Photographer Kirk Daniels (518) 894-3879 (Schenectady NY 12204)
Webmaster Brett Kropf (845) 336-6144 1350 Flatbush Rd, Kingston NY 12401
Technical Adviser Jay Hale    
Technical Adviser Dan Rothstein    
NE Regional Director Drew Webb (508) 662-4900 PO Box 473, Salem NH 03073

* This number does not accept private calls. Use *82 to unblock Caller ID.
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Our Bylaws include: The purposes of the Section shall be: To promote the objects of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc.  To gather
together socially the enthusiasts of the Marque.  To participate in motor events with Mercedes-Benz automobiles within the Section.

Please send your questions and/or comments to the Webmaster.

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